About Us

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About Us

Ambition Institute

Ambition Institute enjoys a unique status among the leading educational institutions of Punjab as it has, to its credit, the unparalleled distinction of offering quality education in 8 major foreign languages. From a humble beginning, the School has gradually risen both in terms of quantity and quality. It has metamorphosed into an educational institute of great repute and excellence.

Ambition Institute of Foreign languages was founded in May 2013. We came a long way with the dedication of our staff members. Ambition Institute has a branch in Ludhiana under the name of Abroad Study Campus. We also help our Student with their Study visa or Tourist Visa application requirements at Ambition Visa Services.


We are located in heart of the city, just a few footsteps away from the main Jalandhar bus stand. We also provide classes in Ludhiana city.  Our classes held in a prime and safe location.  We provide a dynamic environment which is motivating for learning a foreign language. French, Spanish, German and Italian batches start every Monday. You can start at any time of year. The fee structure of Ambition Institute is very affordable.


We provide free Personality development classes, Career counselling and Visa guidance in addition to every course.

Our Features

Hundred of Exercise

Practice daily with hundred of exercises to improve your French, Spanish and German Languages. You will get exam preparation material, Sample papers and online practices tests.

Oral Practices

Practice your oral communication with your teacher with daily interactions. We will teach you how to interact in Daily life in French, Spanish, German and other foreign languages.

We monitor your progress

Know in real time where you stand. Weekly tests to monitor you progress. Daily 10 minutes revision tests to track your performance. We will assess you and give you report on the basis of your daily performance.

A Final Certificate

A final certificate will be delivered to you after completion of your training. You need to give language proficiency exams to obtain the certification. We provide coaching of DELF, TCFQ, TEF, IELTS, and Start Deutsch A1.



Mission & Statement

Ambition Institute promotes the study of foreign languages. Learning a foreign language at Ambition Institute will enrich your academic profile. We want to produce bilingual experts who can interact confidently in foreign languages. OUR TUITION Reflects the most recent knowledge in teaching and learning research.is varied and communicative. Speaking, listening, reading and writing are practiced in situations based on real-life, using authentic texts.

We understand that how difficult it is to learn French, German, Italian and Spanish languages in Jalandhar. Unlike English or IELTS there are very few places where you can find these classes. Unfortunately, many institutes start providing coaching of these languages when they do not have any sources and teachers. It is not advisable to learn foreign language from A1 level instructor. We hope you the best in your adventure of learning a brand new language from scratch. If you really want to learn a foreign language for speaking it then we will provide you all facilities. Visit us for more information.

At Ambition Institute of Foreign language, we realize the importance of study material. To improve your learning experience we provide books, audio lessons, exam preparation material, voice notes, and eBooks. Learning French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Chinese, and Portuguese becomes very easy with us. You will enjoy your learning experience our tailor-made foreign language courses will give knowledge of the language in Practical way. You will feel confident to speak and use this language.

You are planning to learn a foreign language but still, have doubts. Worry not! We provide free demo class and counselling to our future students so they can feel confident and assured.


Why learn foreign languages?

The demand for foreign language is increasing day by day. India has numerous well–established multinational companies, which require foreign language expert for exchanges, reporting, and interpretation of records. In the greater part of such associations, knowledge of foreign language is considered as an extra capability. The scope of learning a new foreign language has increased a lot in the past few years. You can work as an interpreter, voice artist, language expert and translator.

Still confused! We give you three good reasons –

  • You must speak the language of the country where you plan to study, work or travel.
  • In this competitive world, knowledge of a foreign language can give you a better job prospect.
  • It is very attractive when someone speaks French, German, Spanish or Italian.
  • Learn a foreign language for a better understanding of the world.
  • Learning a foreign language is an achievement for anyone.
  • Learn French if you are going to France, Canada, and Belgium or in French-speaking African country.
  • Learn Spanish if you are going to Spain and the USA.
  • Learn German for Germany Study visa and spouse visa.
  • Learn Dutch for Netherland and Holland.
  • Learn Portuguese for Brazil and Portugal.
  • Learn Chinese you plan to study in China.

Who can join us?

  • Students who want to study and settle in Europe
  • Students who want to add a foreign language in their C.V for better job opportunities.
  • Business professionals, exporters who are dealing in Europe and want to communicate  independently in French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian and Portuguese.
  • Candidates who are applying for Quebec PR., Canada P.R can take our French course A1 to B2 level for DELF, TCFQ, TEF and Start Deutsch A1 preparations.
  • Candidates who are going to Spain, Italy, German, Netherland, Portugal on Spouse visa.
  • Students who want to learn foreign language for Hobby purpose.