Portuguese & Dutch Courses

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Our Portuguese Classes

Portuguese classes are designed to teach you Portuguese so you can manage your stay in Portugal or Brazil. For learning the pronunciation and grammar of European Portuguese we provide free audio lessons and wide collection of video lessons. Portuguese is very similar to Spanish. We also provide study visa guidance to Portugal and other European countries. Exam is not obligatory but in spouse visa, students need to give interview in embassy.

Basic Portuguese classes A1

Business Portuguese

Our Dutch Classes

Dutch is language of Netherland and Holland. Students who have spouse living in Netherland / Holland need to learn this language for reunion. We provide A1 coaching in this language and civic integration exam preparation. For A1 level, no prior knowledge of language is required. Student can schedule demo class for Dutch from Monday to Friday. Dutch Classes for Civic Integration Exam preparation. Dutch Classes for Civic Integration Exam prepartion takes upto 2 months. You will get full study package in our Dutch Classes for Civic Integration Exam.