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Our French Classes

French is official language of 29 countries. At Ambition Institute We provide tailored course that takes you step by step through French language. We go through grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and culture lessons, and listen to sound files recorded by French natives.  French exam preparation classes are for DELF, TCF, TEF and TCFQ are conducted throughout the year. We will help you get great score. You can prepare French embassy interview for at Ambition Institute of Foreign languages.  French classes at Ambition are conducted to provide the most updates and innovative approach to french language learning. We have staff member who can help you with your training and learning process. Our qualified trainers from diverse educational and professional backgrounds strive for success for all our students through hard work and rigorous practice.

Best French Language Institute in Jalandhar and Ludhiana

Excellent Quality and Highest Education Standards.

Interactive and Engaging learning exercises.

Free Textbook and Study materials provided.

Competent Teachers for French A1 to C1 Level.

Comfortable classroom environment.

Prime location of our institute for everyone.

Individual attention to each student.

A great sense of community and friendship develops in all our classes.

French DELF A1 to C1

French TCFQ exam preparation

French TEF exam preparation

Business French classes

Spoken French classes

French program for teachers

French Learning Courses at Ambition are designed to meet your requirements. Our teachers are well trained and experienced. Our courses mainly focus on communication and allows you to work  on all four competences (read, speak, write and listen). These french classes are the best way if you want to learn French Languages from experts.

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